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Like most websites, Charliesdirect uses tiny text files called “cookies” that may be stored by the browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone in order to recall your user preferences and make the use of our website more efficient.

Here you can find information about what cookies are, how charliesdirect uses them, and how you can switch cookies off within your browser.

What are Cookies?

Cookies allow your Internet browser to remember how you prefer to view the information the charliesdirect website provides. Typically the files will include the name of the website, the lifespan of the cookie and a randomly generated unique number as an identifier.

Can you identify me with a cookie?

Charliesdirect cannot identify you personally by using a cookie, and cookies are NOT used to store personal data or gather personal data.

Why are cookies used?

Charliesdirect uses cookies to determine if you are a registered with our website, and if you are logged in to our website. If you are logged in, you can then access account settings on the website.

Controlling cookies

If you do wish to prevent your computer or mobile phone from accepting cookies, you should be able to do so from within the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. More information on switching off cookies within individual browsers can be found via these links:

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