Lawn In Order – Ready for Autumn!


What do you call a cow hired by a gardener? A lawn moo-er! But you won’t need to hire a cow once you’ve read our helpful tips.

Our top 10 tips!

1. Dead leaves release pathogens which causes the grass under the fallen leaves to rot. So make sure you rake up any dead leaves asap and pop them into a compost heap to help decomposure.

2. Autumn is the best season to grow new lawn from seed. The soil should still be warm from the summer sun while the Autumn showers save you a watering job.

3. We recommend using a spreader when putting down lawn feed as this enables quick and accurate application of the seed. Even results are especially important when applying a lawn treatment that contains weed killers or moss control agents.

4. Make sure your mower is adjusted to a high cut setting as the grass grows slower in the autumn and winter months. If you keep it on a low setting you’ll be cutting the grass before it has a chance to grow.

5. Now that the dew is returning try to mow in the afternoon. Damp grass can easily build up inside the mower so always give the mower a good brush, scrape or hose down after every use.

6. If you’ve been making the most of your garden over the summer it means your lawn could now be compacted, this will lead to problems with drainage. We recommend using an Aerator or plunging a garden fork in to your grass at 10cm intervals.

7. Scarify the lawn to remove thatch as layers of thatch deeper than 1cm can hinder water and fertiliser penetration.

8. Lawns do not grow well in shade so if you have an area of your lawns that is struggling due to shade, now is the best time to prune back trees and bushes whilst they are in a dormant state.

9. Are birds stealing your seeds for their winter strong hold? Fear not, hang a line of shiny objects that rattle in the wind such as old pie tins, empty cans, old cutlery. The noise and light reflection gives the birds a bit of a scare but at the same time also bird friendly.

10. If you’re worried about footprints damaging the lawn think about laying down some stepping stones. Make sure you think carefully about where to place them for easy access to the shed, washing line and other garden essentials.

We’ve also picked out our favourite products to make maintaining your lawn easier…

  • Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnrake - £125
    Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnrake - £125
    Regularly free your lawn from moss, weeds, thatch and leaves.
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  • Gardeners Mate Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator - £9.99
    Gardeners Mate Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator - £9.99
    This handy Lawn Aerator is ideal for encouraging root development for healthier lawns.
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  • Scotts Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care Spreader - 3.5kg - £7.99
    Scotts Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care Spreader - 3.5kg - £7.99
    This will do a great job at killing off moss and the built in spreader is great for easy application.
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  • Scotts Lawn Builder Autumn Lawn Food - 2kg - £8.99
    Scotts Lawn Builder Autumn Lawn Food - 2kg - £8.99
    This lawn food encourages strong root growth and will also help your lawn withstand the autumn and winter months.
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  • Westland Lawn Master Natural Moss Remover and Feed - 18kg - £19.99
    Westland Lawn Master Natural Moss Remover and Feed - 18kg - £19.99
    This lawn feed contains organic bacteria that breaks down the dead moss into feed. It's also safe for children, pets and wildlife!
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  • Gardman Plastic Leaf Rake - £7.99
    Gardman Plastic Leaf Rake - £7.99
    Make light work of pesky leaves on your grass with the Gardman Plastic Leaf Rake.
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