Home is where you pitch it


Camping can be a great way for you and the family to get away without having to break the bank.

Campsites are the best place to camp with the family – having a dedicated pitch means you will have your own space but also be surrounded by other holiday makers, this can be great for the kids as it can be an opportunity for them to make some friends, as well as yourself. It also means you can usually park up right next to your tent which can be quite handy. Campsites will often have onsite facilities, such as showers, toilets and even playgrounds and entertainment which is great to keep the kids occupied.

What size tent do you need?

The tent berth is based around how many people can fit in a tent without any luggage. You want to take this in to consideration when purchasing your tent. For example, If there is 4 of you, we would recommend a 6 man tent so that you have plenty of room for yourselves and your luggage. This will depend on how much luggage you decide to take of course. Some campsites can have a size limitation on tents so make sure you check this out beforehand!

Our Top Tips!

– Pitching your tent at home or on a local field will give you practice of how to do it before you pitch it at the campsite. If there’s anything wrong with your tent this will also make sure you know sooner rather than later.

– Make a list! Everyone can be forgetful at times so making a list of all the gear you want to take with you and then checking it off while you pack and then again when you put it in the car means you’ll have everything you need when you get to the campsite.

– When thinking about what campsite you’re going to pitch up at have a look on the Internet for what adventurous activities you can go on that the kids are going to love.

– Put the phone away! Unless you’re in desperate need of GPS, or really need to instagram your melty-marshmallow sandwich, it’s probably best to have a holiday away from the screen and really enjoy some quality time together!

These are our top picks of products to take on your camping holiday:

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