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Tips for your Winter Garden


Gardeners of these great British Isles – don your gloves, woolly hat and thermal wellies! Now is a great time to prep your garden for spring…

The new planting season is going to place demands on your greenhouse, pots, trays and tools, so a thorough clean of these now will help. Open your greenhouse windows as often as possible to keep air running through them and to keep pests at bay.

Now is the perfect time to mulch as this helps to keep beds weed-free and looks lovely when you’ve finished. Spread the mulch in thicknesses of 2-3 inches. You can use bark chippings, compost from your compost pile or a good thick layer of leaf mulch.

Beds & Borders
If the soil isn’t too wet and sticky, now is a good time to turn over your beds to get as much air into the soil as possible. Make sure you improve the soil with soil conditioner or compost before any replanting.

Plant climbers in late February to provide colour, height and interest. Fast growing climbers like clematis, ivy, honeysuckle and Virginia creeper will benefit from being planted early. However, they’re not keen on frost so wait until things warm up a tad.

If you didn’t get to it in the autumn, you can prune many of your garden shrubs back now. After pruning, feed with a slow release fertiliser to ensure healthy regrowth and lots of flowers.

Spring Bulbs
Planting bulbs is a great way to guarantee a bit of colour before the rest of the garden has woken up. Choose big blousy summer favourites, such as begonias and dahlias or slightly more-subtle snowdrops and bluebells.

Bedding Plants
Sow bedding plant (and sweet pea) seeds in the greenhouse now to get plants established ready for planting out later. Pick up everything you’ll need such as propagators, pots, seed trays and labels from our great range.

Feeding the Birds
Let’s not forget our glorious garden birds. The food and water we supply can make a huge difference to our feathered friends on bitterly cold days.

The Big Garden Birdwatch takes place on 28-30 January 2017. Help the RSPB build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK by taking part in the world’s largest wildlife survey.

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