Make the Most of Your Greenhouse


Greenhouses are great season-stretchers – earlier Springs and later Autumns. They allow you to grow plants and crops that need more shelter and higher temperatures than are found in the open garden.

With so many different greenhouses choosing which one would be best for your garden can be difficult. You first of all need to think about the size of your garden and how big of a greenhouse you can fit in.

Cold Frames are mini greenhouses. They are designed to be set directly on a garden bed for direct seed germination and for hardening off transplants. They are primarily used to get seedlings to sprout and take root where they would otherwise perish due to frost and cold spring rains.

Growhouses are starter greenhouses. They are perfect for the beginner or someone with not much space in their garden for a big greenhouse. They are very popular for propagating seeds and starter plants which will be transplanted outdoors to garden beds.

Greenhouses are larger grower greenhouses. These often come with adjustable shelving, for growing crops full-term indoors under shelter. These are good for propagating seeds, indoor growing of crops and curing harvested crops and preparing them for storage. They are also spacious enough to keep your garden supplies under cover.

Looking after your greenhouse is important, keeping it clean and tidy will prevent the spreading of any pests or diseases. These are our tips on maintaining your greenhouse before you start sowing your new seeds in Spring:

• Try to choose a mild day when cleaning out your greenhouse as you will have to open the doors and vents to clean them thoroughly.

• Ensure your greenhouse is cleaned thoroughly with Jeyes Fluid to rid any existing fungal diseases. As the weather warms up pests and diseases will be on the increase and will need to be dealt with as early as possible.

• Clean the windows with warm water. Dirty windows affect sunlight levels – less light can lead to seedlings becoming straggly.

• Throw out old used growing bags, remove all the leaves that will have fallen from the plants, and sweep the floor to remove any dirt and spilled soil.

We’ve put together a list of what to start growing in your greenhouse in April:

• Start to sow courgette, marrow, squash, sweetcorn and pumpkin seeds in modules under cover.

• Sow seeds of perennial herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme and lemon balm.

• Start sowing strawberry, tomato and kale seeds.

• Try sowing lettuce in module trays under glass for transplanting in the garden later.

• Sow cucumbers and gherkins towards the end of the month, sowing the seeds in individual pots or modules.

• Sow runner beans and french beans under cover at the end of the month, sowing individually into module trays.

  • Forest Vale Pressure Treated Greenhouse - 8ft x 10ft
    Forest Vale Pressure Treated Greenhouse - 8ft x 10ft
    The Vale Greenhouse is constructed from high quality, pressure treated timber and 4mm toughened glass. This spacious 8 x 10 glass outbuilding is large enough to grow a variety of plants and features two full length shelves, two opening roof windows with auto vents and double doors for easy access, secured with a rim lock. Manufactured with FSC certified timber and comes with a 15 year anti rot guarantee, no annual re-treating needed.
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  • Forest Victorian Tall Wall Pressure Treated Greenhouse
    Forest Victorian Tall Wall Pressure Treated Greenhouse
    The compact size and flexibility of the Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse makes it ideal for small gardens and patios. With its traditional style, this wooden greenhouse manufactured from FSC certified timber can be kept in its natural colouring or painted to suit the style of your garden. Featuring double doors for easy access complete with handles and latch for security along with two bench shelves with adjustable middle sections in order to accommodate taller plants.
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  • Forest Glass House
    Forest Glass House
    The Forest Glass House is an elegantly styled garden structure ideal if you are looking for something more in a greenhouse. Planed for a smooth finish and supplied with toughened glass throughout. Its double, lockable doors open wide allowing you to transport plants in and out easily, and inside offers plenty of storage space. Five collapsible shelves are included with this Glass house which are supplied flat packed.
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