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Festival Camping Essentials


Festivals are great places to see your favourite bands with your friends and family and have some fun. Whether you’re a regular festival-goer or a festival ‘newbie’ we’ve got all the essentials you’ll need to get you on your way. From the essential pop-up tent to those must-have festival wellies – Making sure you’ve got everything you need couldn’t be easier.

  • Pitch perfect
    Pitch perfect
    Your tent is probably the most important thing to remember to take with you. Find the perfect tent to pitch up in the perfect spot.
  • It's in the bag
    It's in the bag
    Keep warm and cosy to get a good sleep before making the most of the next day. Top tip: Keep your valuables in your sleeping bag while you sleep!
    Sleeping Bags
  • Sleep tight
    Sleep tight
    Camping mats are light and easy to take with you so don't risk loosing sleep by making do with the ground.
    Camping Mats
  • Sit back & relax
    Sit back & relax
    Take a seat while watching your favourite band or gathering around your tent. Easy to carry so you can rest your legs wherever and whenever.
    Folding Chairs
  • Light the way
    Light the way
    Trying to find your tent at 3am can be tricky. Find your way with a torch or lantern. Top tip: Register the GPS position of your tent on your phone!
    Torches & Lanterns
  • Keep it cool
    Keep it cool
    Taking your own drink and food can be a lot cheaper. Keep it all cool and fresh with a cool box. Remember to chill it with ice packs 12 hours before.
    Cool Boxes
  • Turn up the heat
    Turn up the heat
    You can still serve up some delicious dishes even while at a festival. Start your day right with a grilled breakfast.
    Camping Stove
  • Show up in style
    Show up in style
    Last but not least, the festival fashion icon - THE WELLIES! Are you really dressed for a festival without them?
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