Caring for your Poinsettia


If you were lucky enough to be given a Poinsettia for Christmas, then you want to keep those beautiful, brilliant red (or pink) flowers thriving for as long as possible.

Caring for Poinsettias is straightforward; with these tips you should be able to keep your Poinsettia bright and blooming well into the New Year and beyond.


Place your Poinsettia near to a sunny window but not in direct sunlight. Poinsettias like bright light, but will not tolerate strong sun.
Keeping your plant reasonably warm, so try and keep it in temperatures above 60 Fahrenheit or 15 Celsius. A lightly used room (such as a dining room) in a centrally heated house is ideal.
Poinsettias do not do well with draughts and significant temperature changes so:
– Do not allow any part of your plant to touch a cold, wintery window
– Keep away from open doors and radiators; an ambient temperature is what Poinsettias need to thrive.


The simplest thing to do is check the soil every day or so. You must avoid over-watering as this really does hurt your plant. Only water when the soil feels dry and then water well. Make sure that any excess water at the bottom is removed as Poinsettias struggle when sitting in water. To keep your plant flowering longer, add standard liquid houseplant feed every month.

Poinsettias also like humidity, so mist regularly and place on a pebble tray.


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