6 Tips for a Spectacular Christmas Tree


Your Christmas Tree is the showpiece of your Christmas. The place where all the family gather around to open their presents. Of course you want it to be as spectacular as possible. Follow our top tips on decorating your tree and start feeling festive!

1. Before you begin, have all the necessary decorations easily to hand. Check for any damages that could be dangerous, especially to children and double check your fairy lights work BEFORE adding them to the tree

2. Always add the lights to the tree first. Start at the top and work your way down, so that they are evenly spaced.

3. Add your ‘showstopping’ decorations next. These need to be in a prime position on the tree.

4. Take a step back and check you are happy with what you have done so far, adjust any decorations that you think aren’t quite in the right place.

5. To create a full and luxurious effect on your tree, cluster your basic baubles together into groups, before hanging them on the tree, filling in the remaining space.

6. Take a final step back to admire your handiwork and have a celebratory moment as you turn on those all important tree lights. Ta da!

The Wonderful Donna from Pheasant Botanica did an amazing job at decorating our trees at our Coed-y-Dinas store. Check out more of her work HERE

Take a look at our Christmas Tree Decorations HERE

We’ve also picked out some of our favourites below.

  • Silver Baubles - 86 Pack
    Silver Baubles - 86 Pack
    This large pack of Baubles will ensure you have all the colour you will possibly need for Christmas. Featuring various sizes and designs, this is the perfect collection for a silver themed Christmas.
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  • 240 Multi Effect Lights - Warm White
    240 Multi Effect Lights - Warm White
    This set of lights run at a 90% energy saving thanks to its low voltage LEDS. Once the timer is set these lights will switch on the same time every night and emit a festive warm glow, perfect for Christmas trees.
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  • Flying Reindeer Decoration
    Flying Reindeer Decoration
    Bring an added sparkle to your Christmas tree with this large Flying Reindeer Decoration. Hang it from your tree by the silver cotton thread or if you prefer, perched on a branch by the loop underneath.
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  • Glass Heart Lace Decoration
    Glass Heart Lace Decoration
    This Glass Heart Lace Bauble is a unique hanging decoration. The design features a laced heart forming a flower in the centre.
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